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UP’s economy is largely based on agriculture Around 65.9 percent people of the State are dependent on this enterprise for its livelihoods. It has been estimated that agriculture and allied, sector add almost 22.5 percent to state G.D.P. Situated in the lap of the fertile tract of Indo-Gangetic Plain, Uttar Pradesh not only has potential to feed its growing population of more than twenty two crores but can also contribute substantially to the national food basket on one side and sufficient income to the farmers on the other side.

During Kharif, Paddy is the most important crop of the state but farmers are not getting remunerative price of rice. Under the circumstances, scented long grain rice popularly known as “Basmati”is getting popularized during 12 th Five Year Plan period of the State. In the Approach paper for 12 th Plan of the Agriculture Department of U.P., major emphasis has been given on the spread of Basmati Rice in western part of Uttar Pradesh.Fourteen districts of western Uttar Pradesh have been identified by the Dept. of Agri. Uttar Pradesh for the cultivation of Basmati rice.Shahjahanpur district is one of them where stress is being given for raising its qualitative and quantitative production.Concrete efforts have also to be made in this district to encourage Basmati rice export with the help of public as well as private sector.

Honourable Chairman's Message

The organization’s infrastructural setup is very strong for implementing developmental programmes successfully. It has a Head Office at Lucknow and Project Offices in other programme district serve the purpose of management of implementation of programmes.  All the offices are adequately furnished with modern equipments such as computer systems, training aids, necessary furniture and fixtures, electrical and electronic equipments, communication system etc.  Besides, the vehicles of the NGO chief and its members are engaged for facilitating the activities of the organization as and when required.  Vehicles are also hired for programmes when ever felt necessary.

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